Matthew Brunstrum

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor in Chicago, IL

Matthew Brunstrum

Matthew Brunstrum is a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor with Sun Acquisitions and MCB Advisory LLC. In this role he represents owners of privately held businesses worth $1M-$25M.

Matthew has a history of bringing sellers, buyers, accountants, attorneys, and lenders together for a successful transaction in an efficient manner. More importantly, he maximizes the value of his client’s business in each sale.

Matthew Brunstrum

"I bring ideas to life by consulting and discussing with other professionals. I strategize and think thru every idea and all options before enacting. Everything I do in my professional life has a logical, rational, and strategic approach to it. "

-Matthew Brunstrum

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Matthew discusses his career in finance, as well as financial tips for individuals and businesses.

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